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Utility Energy

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About UES

Founded in 2020, the UES team provides professional and innovative solutions to Utility and Commercial clients in support of their ESG, Energy Efficiency, Demand Response, Customer Engagement and Electrification Programs. Utility Energy Services can deliver on any of your unique program needs. From managing entire programs to providing discrete services within a program, UES would be honored to be your comprehensive business partner. 


Our Expertise

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Energy Efficiency and Water Conservation

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Electrification and Strategic Load Growth 

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Distributed Energy


Our Services


Field Services 

From QAQC to audits to community engagement, our field team can deliver boots on the ground services to support all aspects of your programs. 



UES is uniquely positioned to assist you and your supply chain in leveraging the incredible amount of resources available to become more energy efficient. Contact us today to find out how we can help you in meeting your ESG goals through energy efficiency regardless of where your operations are


Installation Services 

With a full spectrum of technical staff on board, UES can support a range of specialized installation services


Staff Augmentation 

Just need a hand?  We’ll gladly provide staff augmentation services to bolster your existing resources or provide surge capacity over the long term.  


Program Implementation 

Our leadership team has managed some of the largest most successful portfolios in the country and can manage your programs from end to end. 


Equity and Workforce Development

Equity in energy is a primary focus at UES.  Our internal DE&I Strategy informs everything we do to support more access to the benefits of energy efficiency.  This ranges from intentional hiring practices, to strategically focusing on hard to reach customers in our program outreach efforts

Our Values


Energy DE&I – increase diversity in the energy services industry through an intentional hiring strategy to create a diverse workforce and leadership team


Workforce Development – provide and fund opportunities for our staff and the communities we serve to grow skills and capabilities


Climate Champions – scale our expertise in energy efficiency to produce the greatest impact towards reducing climate changing emissions

Water Conservation – extend the principles of transforming markets into reducing and preserving water resources


Advancing Energy Equity & Accessibility – implement programs and deliver services that focus on hard-to-reach customers and disadvantaged communities

Community Involvement – giving back to our communities through volunteerism and strong community relationships

Contact us

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