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Our Approach and Philosophy 

Build strategic partnerships with organizations we like and trust. It sounds simple, right? While it sounds simple, it takes; time, mutual respect, and a firm belief that “together” organizations are fundamentally better. At UES, we believe building partnerships on; trust, shared ambitions and friendships can be fundamentally more important than the economics of a deal. 

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Supporting disadvantaged communities through tactical and actionable steps. Our belief is that we can have a measurable and immediate impact on assisting disadvantaged communities via workforce development (WFD) activities. Our approach focuses on integrating WFD elements as part of our day-to-day delivery, starting today and not tomorrow. Although building WFD programs can be expensive, we believe enormous strides can be achieved by leveraging existing infrastructure, stakeholder relationships, trainings, and utility flow-through agreements to build comprehensive programs. We can achieve this by incorporating WFD best practices in all aspects of energy efficiency delivery ranging from grassroots-recruiting to on-the-job training. 



​755 W Big Beaver Rd

Suite 2020

Troy, MI




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